SEKISUI’s CGW thermal Gap Filler

For highest demands in EV battery packs and power conversion applications

Thermal management in EV battery packs and power conversion applications is key to accommodating the ever-growing challenges in the mobility sector: from shrinking form factors and higher power density to the needs for higher performance in battery and power conversion systems.

To meet – even exceed – these demands, SEKISUI POLYMATECH supports you with high-performance thermal management solutions such as CGW® thermal Gap Filler. 

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Core benefits of CGW thermal Gap Filler

CGW® series are 2-component liquid silicone based thermal Gap Filler. This liquid-dispense and cure-in-place solution exceeds the thermal management properties of gap pads and offers many benefits:

•    A wide range of thermal conductivity levels
•    Super low volatile siloxane content
•    Low density and weight
•    Low viscosity options for injection process 
•    Less abrasion to support the lifetime of dispensing equipment
•    Optimized rheological properties
•    Long working time and rework ability of the material
•    In field proven long-term reliability

Applications of SEKISUI's CGW thermal Gap filler

EV battery packs

As EV battery pack designs are reducing their form factor while increasing energy density for higher performance, engineers need to be able to rely on an advanced and robust thermal management concept for battery cooling. SEKISUI's CGW® Gap Filler grades provide their share of this crucial element to drive innovation further.

CGW wets the surfaces evenly and without pressure, remains flexible even when cured and connects the cell structures with cooling plates. Thus, ensuring the battery's performance, range and lifetime. As battery pack designs commonly require specific properties, the CGW® product base is offering a wide range of adaptability while still allowing a clear focus on design-to-cost aspects.

Power conversion for EV, PHEV and HEV

High power density, magnetic components with uneven contours and wide mechanical tolerances are common in power conversion applications. Fast charging cycles and high reliability is regarded as a standard by customers. Therefore, engineers are looking for ways to enhance heat flow to extend product lifetime and increase power efficiently.

The solution lies within thermal management components, able to meet robust mechanical and durability properties. To meet the rising demands in the power conversion infrastructure, SEKISUI offers high-performance grades such as CGW® -3.6 and CGW® -4.5.

Curing behavior over time

The dispensable fomular of our filler material allows for easy and uniform distribution. This makes for easy handling and safe processes – especially for highly automated and large volume programs.

Approved supplier to OEM and EV applications

For many years, SEKISUI POLYMATECH is providing CGW® Gap Filler to leading European OEMs and Tear 1 programs – ambitious, trusted, reliable, and local.

SEKISUI’s thermal Gap Filler solutions in detail

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It is not just about the product, but also about the right partner

In Europe, CGW® is produced by SEKISUI POLYMATECH, one of nine companies belonging to the European SEKISUI group – your reliable partner network for innovative high-performance solutions.

Our unique approach to developing long-lasting and value-adding polymer-based products has made us a trusted partner to the most diverse industries. Wherever we are, we are committed to meet our customer’s needs and serve to improve people’s lives.

Smart future mobility

SEKISUI has been supplying the European automotive industry since the 1980s.  As a result, 76% of all cars in Europe today are equipped with at least one of the many pioneering technologies for the mobility industry that SEKISUI has to offer – thermal interface materials, such as CGW®, are just one of them.

Contributing to smart mobility, SEKISUI supports clients with many different high-performance materials – always looking for optimal solutions and developing products with future requirements in mind

Driving tomorrow with sustainable innovations

At SEKISUI, we accelerate innovation by eagerly taking on new challenges, adapting to change and staying ahead of times. We are convinced that with our innovative thinking we will always find the right solution for our customers. But first and foremost, it's about partnership and teamwork: We invite our customers to develop their individual products together with us, tailored to their needs, with sustainability in mind. 

SEKISUI has always dedicated itself to social and environmental contribution, having been selected as one of the Global 100 most sustainable companies six times in total. SEKISUI is a reliable partner with products that combine sustainability, efficiency, and innovation.